Educate the future
Educate for the future
Empowering every
child’s full potential
Igniting wisdom
through love
Our Vision

Igniting wisdom through love

Empowering every child’s full potential

Our Mission

Educate the future

Educate for the future

Our Core Values

Professional Integrity
Innovation and Commitment
Passionate Dedication
Unity and Joy

About Etonkids

The Etonkids International Educational Group was formed as a collaborative of experts in education, research, and school management by alumni of Harvard University and Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management, with representatives of the American Montessori Society. The Group adheres to the core educational values encapsulated in our motto: "Etonkids, our kids" and our mission statement: "Educating the future, educating for the future." Etonkids is committed to cultivating young global citizens with international vision and national sentiment. We combine a century of proven success in Montessori educational philosophy with the world's most advanced learning concepts and school management models, overseen by some of the world's leading experts in early childhood education and psychology and teams of internationally-certified Chinese and foreign teachers. Etonkids provides a range of childcare and early childhood education programs and services, full and half-day kindergarten classes, camps, family and community initiatives, and credentialing for professional educators, among other sectors in China and abroad. Etonkids directly manages 60+ campuses in 18 cities throughout China, serving 10,000+ families and employing 3,000+ faculty. Etonkids’ more than 150,000 graduates have gone on to excel at schools throughout China and worldwide. In the 20+ years since its founding, Etonkids has become recognized as the premier provider of international preschool education in China and continues to lead the way in improving the country's early education sector.

  • 50+
    Campuses in 18 cities
  • 3000+
    Faculty & Staff
  • 15W+
    Families Served
  • 40+
    Major Awards
  • 13+
    Educational Brands
  • 10W+
    Fund Beneficiaries
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